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Wire Brush

Wire brushes are a very efficient tool for washing, sandblasting, polishing, slicing, and completing. These brushes are frequently used as solution givers in pigging, weld cleaning, pipe fabrication, and exploration. These brushes can also improve efficiency and performance.

Crimped Wire Wheel Brush

For washing, scrubbing bubbles, depolishing, exfoliation, sandblasting, and stripping varnish, use the provided crimped wire wheel brush.  These are most suited for tasks where the brushing surface or edge must be non-flat or non-straight, or when the brushing area must be relatively small.

Abrasive Cup Brush

These abrasive cup brushes won't rust. These brushes are secure to use and won't pierce skin. These brushes are used to remove paint from metal surfaces as well as corrosion, weld scaling, surface rust, and burns. These brushes may also be used for deburring and polishing wood.


Spiral Brush

Spiral brushes have a variety of purposes, including removing items off a conveyor belt or via a tube, light cleaning, and applying substances to objects. These brushes work best in situations where greater RPMs are necessary or if the entire brush and shaft need to be balanced.


Tube Brush

These Tube Brushes are a practical way to keep shell and tube heat exchangers and condensers clean and free of scaling and fouling. Based on a straightforward and robust operating concept, these are acknowledged as high grade brushes. The systems produce considerable financial savings.

Roller Brush

We have access to a large selection of roller brushes. To meet the demands of our clients, the provided brush is available in a variety of sizes & color options. The supplied brushes are made with top-notch materials and the most recent manufacturing procedures in accordance with the industry requirements.

Abrasive Brush

We specialize in providing a wide variety of high-quality abrasive brushes at competitive prices. These brushes are designed by our expertise using materials of the highest quality in accordance with international quality standards. The available brushes can also be modified based on the details provided by clients.

We Mainly Deal in Gujarat, Maharashtra and South India.
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