Knotted Wheel Brush

Highly known for rotational operation, efficiency and long usage life, these Knotted Wheel Brushes are provided by. These are offered in a range, which includes stringer, knotted and many others. Made from superior grade stainless steel, these are widely used in assorted industrial units such as pipe lines. The offered product has aggressive brush, which can be attached with other power tools as well as production equipments for cleaning flat or uneven surfaces. These have round construction and black or gray color. Knotted Wheel Brushes are provided in customizable sizes as per the requirement of the customers.

Knotted Brush

This knotted brush is completely covered with twisting knots.  This brush is perfect for surface conditioning and heavy-duty cleaning because of its loosely twisted knots, which cover a wider surface area. The removal of scale, dust, deburring, and flash is all easily accomplished with this knotted brush. For pipe joining applications, it is made for root and hot pass weld cleaning. It is appropriate for cleaning tasks on medium- to large-sized steel surfaces, including removing thick rust. This brush is offered in high quality.


Brush Size

<10 inch

Bristle Length

2- 3 inch

Bristle Material

Stainless Steel, Brass, Nylon, Carbon Steel

Brush Type

Cup Brush

Bristle Stiffness

Soft, Medium, Hard

Stringer Knotted Wheel Brush

Other Detail :

Brush Material :  Stainless Steel Wire,Mild Steel Wire

Application: Industrial

Attachment: Center Hole


We Mainly Deal in Gujarat, Maharashtra and South India.
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