Miniature Brush

Our Miniature Brushes are widely used in assorted industrial for the purpose of cleaning. These are provided in a range, which includes, stringer bead, spindle cup and others. Constructed using premium quality material using steel, plastic etc. These are used for removing tarnished, rusty, corrosion layer as well as diet from wood, steels, plastic and many other surfaces. The said products have crimped abrasive nylon brush which are also used for cleaning metal surfaces prior to repainting. Due to these properties, these are highly popular among our domestic and overseas clients. These round shaped Miniature Brushes are offered in customizable sizes to the customers.

Spindle Cup Brush

This Spindle Cup Brush is a functional instrument that may be applied to a number of tasks. The brush has a long lifespan and is constructed of premium materials. For all of your cleaning requirements, this Spindle Cup Brush is the ideal tool. It measures 2 inches in length and is constructed from the finest materials. The quality is assured to be solid and the pricing is reasonable. It makes it possible to clean around pipes and fixtures and in confined locations. This brush comes with a handle that provides a tight grip.

Stringer Bead Brush

For more thorough and speedier cleaning of steel surfaces, this Stringer Bead Brush is designed to be used with an angle grinder. With this tightly twisted and knotted wire brush, surface flaws are quickly removed. It is made with premium wires that have been tempered, oil-hardened, and fashioned with each tuft firmly in place to provide vibration-free, slick cleaning operations. Additionally, you may clean pipe welds in-between passes and intricacies of grooves with this stringer bead brush. It works efficiently without endangering the operator's safety.



We Mainly Deal in Gujarat, Maharashtra and South India.
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