Brass Handle Wire Brush

Brass Handle Wire Brush is one of the popular categories of Brushwell Industries. Herein, customers can place inquiries for steel circular wire brush and brass tube cleaning brush. The latter product is applicable in straight & non-ferrous tubes, for removing soft and light scale deposits. Herein, the said tubes can be made of copper, brass, nickel and their alloys. These have a less abrasive reaction and are perfect for cleaning the interior surfaces of tubes, internal threads. Brass Handle Wire Brush can be purchased by us, as we have proven ourselves as the right choice for many customers.

Brass Tube Cleaning Brush

Other Detail :

Material : Stainless wire,Mild steel wire

Application : Industrial ,Commercial

Steel Circular Wire Brush

Other Detail :

Brush Material :  Stainless Steel Wire,Mild Steel Wire

Application: Industrial

Attachment: Center Hole


We Mainly Deal in Gujarat, Maharashtra and South India.
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